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Get the Most From Your Content: Develop a Marketing Strategy

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Writing quality content has become one of the most essential components of any successful digital marketing campaign. However, simply publishing the content is not enough. To fully capitalize on the potential benefits of the various digital channels, you have to market your content to reach a wider audience.

Content Marketing Strategy vs. Content Strategy

Content marketing strategy and content strategy are very similar practices with an important difference. Content marketing focuses on the big picture and finding ways to engage with potential customers. A marketing strategist will help you develop ideas and practices for publishing content to change the behavior of your audience, including converting traffic through strong calls to action.

Content strategy is a more detailed version of the strategy that looks closely at what content to write and develop. A content strategist helps to create the content, including developing the right topics and content types to be published and promoted.

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Marketing Strategy?

A dedicated plan for content marketing is essential to a successful campaign. It helps you to determine the business goals you hope to achieve with your campaign and choose the best channels on which to publish in order to achieve the goals. It also focuses on promotion of a variety of content types, including non-verbal content such as videos, infographs, and images.

How Can Certified SEO Help?

Certified SEO can help you to take what you have and market it to achieve the results you want. We help you with all your digital content, including:

  • Blogs
  • Website
  • Video Promotion (YouTube)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Visual and Traditional eBooks
  • Infographs
  • Social Media
  • Press Releases
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Image Promotion

With our OMCP certification, which is the highest level you can achieve in our industry, you can rest assured that we are experts in creating the best content marketing strategy for your company's ultimate goals.

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