Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Stop Losing Customers with Conversion

You have spent plenty of time and money creating a strong digital presence, but yet you still do not see the results in your bottom line. Many business owners put this down to a simple traffic problem and start to create strategies to increase the number of visitors to your page. However, the real culprit is typically not your traffic, but your conversion rate.

Traffic Problem? No, it's a Conversion Issue

Traffic numbers merely tell you how many people visit your site every day, not how many become actual customers. Instead, you want to focus on your conversion and bounce rates. Conversion can include more than just buying, depending on your site, business, and goals. Conversion also includes factors such as downloading, opting into an email or texting campaign, registering on your site, referring a friend, calling your company, clicking to chat with a representative, or any other action on your site.

Conversion optimization develops your website to increase your conversion rate and reduce the number of bounces. It looks at your analytics to determine the best strategy for you.

The Importance of Conversion Testing

An important aspect of conversion optimization includes a/b testing. These tests, along with your web analytics and other data, provides a picture of how users act on your website. These tests apply to various elements in your website that could affect how well your site works. Important conversion tests include:

  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Page Layout and Color Scheme
  • Navigation and Menus
  • Copy
  • Promotions and Offers
  • Checkout Process and Payment Options
  • Images and Visual Content
  • Product Selection Process
  • Safety and Security
How Certified SEO Can Help Increase Your Conversion Rates

Certified SEO will review your website and other digital assets to determine the best strategy for conversion optimization. We review your web analytics, design, content, implementation, and other factors that could affect the actions of your potential customers. We are certified by OMCP, the highest level of certification in our field, ensuring that we know the best practices for increasing your conversion rates.

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