Top 4 Conversion Optimization Strategies

To help develop a conversion rate optimization strategy, start with data from last year. It is an ideal way of providing an overview of your Website to understand the entire conversion funnel, such as where visitors come from, the landing pages they frequent and how they navigate to around your site. That will help you optimize your conversion strategy.

Create Your Strategy

There are many methods to improve conversion, and most importantly, you need to spend some time determining your long-term goals to help develop your strategy. When you understand the thought process of your visitors and see your site through their eyes, you will be able to optimize and fine tune your existing traffic sources. Here are the top four conversion strategies.

  1. Tweak your Website. Using images results in a more convincing Website and one that he viewers can also relate to better. Make sure that the picture links to the lifestyles of the targeted customer base.
  2. Perform A/B tests. Carry out experiments on your site to determine which version of the pages generate more conversions and align with your business goals. Creating tests that resonate with your target market will allow you to ultimately perform better.
  3. Use social proof. Display social counts on the landing page above the fold with plugins and scripts that place sharing buttons at the top of every blog post or article you write. Display trust symbols as Proof that some third-party organization has labeled your product, brand or service as trustworthy.
  4. Market to mobile users. Produce your landing pages for mobile devices and simplify them by focusing on only one product or service on the page. A cross-platform approach that focuses on mobile first without ignoring PCs will generate the most conversions.

Keep in mind that conversion is iterative. Each improvement builds upon the success of the previous methods, so make sure to take a step back and look at the entire conversion picture frequently to determine which part of your business to focus on next.