Pay Per Click

Want to Improve Your PPC Efforts? Ask Yourself These Questions

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Pay per click advertising, more commonly referred to as PPC, is an integral part of any online marketing plan. If you’ve been at PPC for a while, you may be wondering if your plans are floundering or if they are right on track. To focus your efforts and get real results, ask yourself these questions before you do anything else.

What are You Doing to Measure Success?

Compared with other marketing media tools, PPC is relatively easy to track on a rigorous basis. However, knowing what metrics to look at as you track a PPC campaign’s success is easier said than done. Although platforms like AdWords give you the ability to track what kind of results you’re getting, it’s essential that you understand what kinds of results your business is after.

Can You Handle More Traffic?

When it comes to PPC, this type of advertising doesn’t do well on its own. For example, if your website’s landing pages are less than appealing and your overall site experience is lacking, it doesn’t matter how effective your PPC ads are. Remember, with any PPC campaign, you have to make sure that your website is ready to handle the increased traffic and that it lends itself to conversion.

How Can You Make Things Better?

Now that you’ve gotten great results with your PPC campaign, you may be tempted to go into maintenance mode. However, if you don’t continually improve your ads and monitor your ads at all times, things will get stagnant for your site over time. Make sure that you’re always testing your ads’ punctuation and capitalization, headlines, value propositions, and calls to action. Although improving your PPC campaign by asking yourself these questions seems like it will be relatively easy, keep in mind that it still takes some effort. The main thing to take away is that as long as you keep asking yourself these questions, no matter how hard it is, you’ll continue to get great advertising results for your business.