4 Effective Ways to Improve Your Law Firm’s SEO in 2018

research is key in SEO

Just as you go to every length to ensure your clients have the best legal representation possible, Certified SEO goes to every length to ensure we know how to best improve the SEO of as many industries as possible. When it comes to law firm SEO, there are four steps in particular you’ll want to include in your firm’s SEO strategy.

1. Start With Your Website

Optimize your website so that it's SEO friendly. If you're thinking about upgrading your site, make sure your sitebuilder is familiar with constructing a site that can easily support SEO. On a related note, your site should also be mobile responsive, meaning that it can be easily viewed and used on mobile devices. Chances are that almost half of your traffic is diverged from mobile devices, so you might as well take advantage of your on-the-go audience.

2. Learn How Visitors Are Finding Your Site

To further improve your SEO, perform a search of your firm, an attorney at your firm and your practice area to find out your position in the search results. Not to worry if most of your traffic isn't coming from search engine traffic or blog. Chances are you're getting a lot of referrals. That being said, you should know what comes up when those referrals search for your name or firm online.

3. Have Realistic Goals

Rather than focus on bringing in as much business as possible through your social media and online profiles, focus on making sure your firm's actual site is the first result that comes up on your search engine results. On a related note, it's also a good idea to have goals related to where you want your site to appear in search results whenever someone searches for a specific keyword or phrase connected to your practice area.

4. Have a Plan

Know that SEO takes time, often months before you see results, and that your success also depends on your location and the amount of competition in the area. Your SEO plan should include being as specific as possible when it comes to your practice areas. For instance, if you're a divorce lawyer, do you specialize in mediated divorce, collaborative divorce, arbitration or same-sex couples? Once you've narrowed your focus, include the content your visitors and future clients will be most interested in, and think about starting a professional blog related to your areas of specialty.

Improving your law firm SEO is easier than you think. Implement these tips one by one and watch as your client base and search engine rankings begin to build.